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The new Ace3DS PLUS has come out and we now get more issue on that,  was once asked by somebody who is new in Nintendo games how to use cheat function with her Ace3DS PLUS, so I thought I may should write this in case somebody else need it.
To use cheat function, the steps are very simple.
step1: download the latest kernel AOS V2.01, unzip it and out all the files on the root of the sd card.
Step2: download a nes game and also out it on the root of your sd card. let take super mario as an example.
Step3: insert your sd card into Ace3DS PLUS and insert Ace3DS PLUS into your console, power on.
You will show the picture below
Then press NDS icon,
press the microSD Card, you will get this list
Then, press “START”, you will get this,
Then, press setting, you will get
make “cheat in games” on then save the setting , press OK icon.

Confirm it, press OK again, you will back to the game list
Then, press Y buttom, you will get this
press X to setting the cheats
you can do whatever you want to cheat in the games.
then, press OK to save it, then start the game you will find you can enjoy all the cheat function now~