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Nintendo 3DS XL costs $199.99.

1. Transfer Our Current 3DS Games
We have no intention of leaving Mutant Mudds, Mighty Switch Force! and Pushmo behind. Thankfully, we’re able to transfer purchased content from the old 3DS (and by old, we mean so March 2011) to the 3DS XL. VVVVVV, Sakura Samurai, Dillon’s Rolling Western…scratch that, Dillon can stay.
2. Play New Super Mario Bros. 2
It’s a foregone conclusion that we cannot pick up a 3DS XL without also buying New Super Mario Bros. 2 along with it. With this in mind, we plan to crack the shrink-wrap on the plumber’s newest adventure post haste, then redeem the Club Nintendo code. And yes, we’re Platinum.
3. Check Out Previously Released 3DS And DS Games
We can’t wait to see what Pilotwings Resort, Resident Evil Revelations and other titles (even DS) will look like on that 3DS XL screen. In fact, we posted a feature that lists all the games right here. We also plan to avoid Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance until the XL’s in our hands. At long last, we’ll be able to enjoy 3DS games without wearing glasses or contact lenses.
4. Switch On Glasses Free 3D
We’re super curious to see how the 3D effects will appear on the larger screen. Blurry? Just right? Supremely enhanced? Suffice to say, we’ll max out the slider pronto.
5. Part Ways With The Current 3DS
Sad to say, but yes, there’s no use keeping the Cosmo Black system around collecting dust. No need to cry, though, as we’re sure it’ll wind up in the hands of a very happy gamer disinterested with owning the latest and greatest systems. You know, someone far less materialistic than us.


It would be one thing if the screen was 40 percent larger, or even 60, but 90 percent represents a stunning increase; the same holds true for the lower touchscreen, which was supersized to an impressive 4.18-inches. The screens don’t simply enhance the 3DS. They consume it.

This image appeared on Twitter (via NeoGAF) and probably acts as a worthwhile reminder: if a video game is making you that angry, walk away. There’s no need to snap the head off your defenceless 3DS or 3DS XL. It may feel like the most important thing in the world when you mistime a jump in New Super Mario Bros. 2, but fear not, you will live to see another day (and Mario will be revived to make another jump).

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