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Before starting this tutorial, I should make clear about several things firstly. The N3DS I was playing is Nintendo 3DS Japan Version with latest version. The R4 card I used is Wood R4i Gold 3DS with latest kernel.

I installed the R4i gold 3ds into the game console and planned to play the most classic Nintendo game – Pokeman White. Then I could not found my R4 card on the loading screen or home screen. The first solution I thought is to restart the console. However it could not help. Then I thought should I reinstall the R4 card? Of course not. It troubles a lot.

I checked the card slot to make sure the card had been fixed in a right way. Then I restarted the game console. You know what? The problem got solved. It is so unbelievable and such an easy thing.

I searched some other tutorials online when I went back home and got such a conclusion. If R4i Gold 3DS does not work on your game console, there may be three reasons. First, you update your console to the latest version but the kernel of your flash card does not support it. This is why many official websites of flash cards will strongly recommend you not to update your game console. Second, you set up the R4i gold 3ds in a wrong way. It means that you maybe download wrong kernel files or do wrong operation steps. Third, unknown reason like my experience. When you restart the game console or reset the flash card, the problem will get solved in an unknown way. Maybe your console or flash card needs to get a little relaxed.

There are many flash cards sold in the current market, such as R4i SDHC, R4 revolution, M3i Zero, and so on. I strongly recommend you buy R4i Gold 3DS. It is with a very powerful support team. Every time when Nintendo updated their console, they will update their update their flash card immediately. What is more, you do not need to update your flash card sometimes even when Nintendo updates their console. R4i Gold 3DS can support all Nintendo 3DS versions unless Nintendo makes a very big change.

Although R4i Gold 3DS is with a 3DS in name, it does not mean it does not support other Nintendo game consoles, such as DSi LL and DSi. It supports all Nintendo game consoles and all versions. To learn more details about R4i Gold 3DS, please click here.