Vaccum cleaners are wonderful. You can use them to frighten pets, bother people watching television, and even to clean the carpet. They’re also an extremely useful means by which to rid large abandoned households of ectoplasmic apparitions, should the need arise.
Luigi’s GameCube foray into ghost-bustery needs no introduction, and 3DS fans have been eager to get their hands on the stereoscopic sequel for some time. Bad news struck Nintendo fans of the Americas today when it was reported that the game was delayed into 2013. Which, by the way, is next year. As in, not this year. As in, we have to wait even longer. Boo!


“No, when he wrote ‘boo’ he meant it as an expression of disdain, not a reference to y-y-you… uhh… c-c-can I get back to you next year on the whole sucking-you-into-my-Hoover thing?”

The question on everyone’s lips (except American lips, which were busy twisting downwards at the corners with sadness at the news), was would the delay hit Europe too?
A glance at the game’s information page on the UK Nintendo website suggests, sadly, that everyone’s suffering the 2013 blues. The game’s listed as a 2013 release, with no precise date beyond that. Not even a specific month.
Presumably Luigi’s schedule is just too packed for him to go creeping through mansions slurping up spectres, especially now he and his brother are busy frolicking with attractive Spaniards.
It’s glum news indeed for many a fan of the lean green ghost-slurping machine, and does detract one particularly anticipated title from Nintendo’s potential end of year lineup. Nonetheless, hopes for the hoover-powered haunt-’em-up remain high, and we can only assume that the longer wait will make for a much better game when it finally arrives.
Until that day, the humble household vacuum cleaner remains nothing more than a dutiful household appliance, humbly waiting for the day it can be strapped to a plumber’s back and used for greater things.
We feel your pity, vacuum cleaner. It really sucks.


Media Factory has released a Super Mario Bros. piggy bank in Japan, shown above (and after the break). This isn’t just a fancy plastic box with a slit in it though, it also makes sound effects. Whenever you drop in a coin:

…you’ll hear classic Mario sound effects, including a coin sound, a mushroom sound, a pipe sound, a game over sound, and more.

It’s available in Japan right now, and costs ¥399.

Many people tell that they always download wrong kernel for their R4i gold 3DS and do not know the detailed reasons. Here are some useful tips that may help you.
To download the latest kernel for R4i gold 3ds, you need a micro SD card besides a R4i gold 3ds flashcard. Also there are seven steps for you to follow. Here we go now.
Step1 Put your sd card into the card reader and connect the card reader with the computer.

Step2 login the official site, and go to the download page.

Step3 Find the latest Wood kernel and download. After finish the download , you will get the wood R4 kernel V1.28.rar file.

Step4 Extract the file, and you will get the Wood kernel folder. there are four files in the folder.

Step5 Copy the five files to your sd card.

Step6 Prepare a game to test : i use the pokemon. Copy the game file to the sd card too.So there will be six files in the root of your SD card. Then you have done everything and ready to play the game.

Step7 Unplug the card reader from pc and put the sd card to r4i gold 3ds flashcard. Step8 Plug the r4i gold 3DS to the 3DS console and power on the 3DS.Now start the console.

Now enjoy the game!

The new Ace3DS PLUS has come out and we now get more issue on that,  was once asked by somebody who is new in Nintendo games how to use cheat function with her Ace3DS PLUS, so I thought I may should write this in case somebody else need it.
To use cheat function, the steps are very simple.
step1: download the latest kernel AOS V2.01, unzip it and out all the files on the root of the sd card.
Step2: download a nes game and also out it on the root of your sd card. let take super mario as an example.
Step3: insert your sd card into Ace3DS PLUS and insert Ace3DS PLUS into your console, power on.
You will show the picture below
Then press NDS icon,
press the microSD Card, you will get this list
Then, press “START”, you will get this,
Then, press setting, you will get
make “cheat in games” on then save the setting , press OK icon.

Confirm it, press OK again, you will back to the game list
Then, press Y buttom, you will get this
press X to setting the cheats
you can do whatever you want to cheat in the games.
then, press OK to save it, then start the game you will find you can enjoy all the cheat function now~

According to the r4i gold 3ds official site, if your card icon is not the “DORASU”

you have to use the patch to update your card. Let’s see how to do that.
What we need:
1 x r4i gold 3ds (not DORASU)
1 x dsi or dsl (i use dsi here)
1 x sd card
1 x card reader

1. When i insert my r4i gold 3ds in my 3ds, i found the icon is not DORASU, it is Prince Caspian.

2. When i enter it, it show error

3. Then i download the patch and newest r4i gold 3ds wood kernel v1.50
4. Unzip them and put them into the root of sd card (When you unzip the patch, you will find there are 2 files in it. one is for dsl update, the other is for dsi update)
5. Because i use my dsi to update the card, so i put the wood kernel and dsi patch “R4iGold_3DS43_Patch_NDSi.nds”  into the root of sd card. if you use ds to update your card, you need put the “R4iGold_3DS43_Patch_NDSL.nds” into it.
6. Insert the card in to dsi, start. You will find an .nds file

7. Start it.

8. Press A to continue, it will update auto (remember don’t power off during the updating and make sure the console is full power)

9. When the update finished, turn off the console.

10. Put the card into 3ds console, the icon is change.

11. And click it. it work on 3ds v4.3.0-10 right now!

Thanks for reading!

Sometimes, the r4i gold 3ds is damaged and can not work. such as white screen, “no card insert”, black screen with red word “loading” and ect. Now let’s see how to repare these problems.

What we need?
1. the damaged r4i gold 3ds
2. a good flash card (no matter what card it is, i use dstt)
3. ds/dsl console
4. sd card

The repair patch

 V2.0.0-2 Patch

Step1: download the repair patch and unzip it.
Step2: put the dstt kernel and the patch file “3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_3DS_NDSL.nds” into the root of sd card, put the sd card into dstt
Step3: start dstt on ds/dsl console, select the 3DS20_Patch_R4iGold_3DS_NDSL.nds
Step4: enter it and follow the instruction to put out dstt, put the damaged r4i gold 3ds wholesale into the console (don’t power off here)
Step5: press A to start
Step6: when it become “success”, done!
Then you can use your r4i gold 3ds again!
Thanks for reading!

A first trailer for the Senran Kagura anime conversion debuted at the Comiket 82 today. An attendee captured the footage, which has lots of shake — but not the camera type.